Never Play Your Favourite Music to the One You Love

One of life’s greatest pleasures has to be playing your favourite songs or band really loud and losing yourself in the transcendental ecstasy of that most moving and divine creative expression – music.

A word of advice though. Never, I repeat never, ever – no matter how tempting it may seem to share that most cherished treasure – play your favourite music to the one you love. It may seem to make sense at the time – starstruck lovers do love to gaze zombie-like in to each others eyes and share ‘stuff’ after all, but if you plan on continuing to enjoy your favourite band long after your relationship, don’t.

Take me for example. I have long loved Sparklehorse. There’s no one quite like them – not so many people know them, and the music touches the core of my soul, offering hope and redemption, letting me know I’m not alone, and lifting my spirits in equal measure.

Or at least it used to. That was until in a wet mushy episode of that most dangerous pathology – love – I decided it would be a good idea to share them with my then girlfriend. She loved them and before I knew it Sparklehorse had become the soundtrack to our relationship. This in itself was not a problem, in fact the new romantic backdrop to the music seemed to imbue it with even more meaning and profundity. Then she became my ex-girlfriend.

I haven’t actually listened to Sparklehorse since then, and I have no plans to any time soon either. The very thought is not even appealing. What’s worse than having a relationship end is the loss of my favourite band. Lost that is, to the associations that now so deeply penetrate every note, word and riff.

Take heed, fellow traveller, listen to my advice. Do not fall foul of that thought which tells you things will last forever. If you plan on maintaining a healthy relationship with the music that you love, never, ever play it to the one you love.


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